FourStone Networks

FourStone’s PPO solution, through innovation and unique product design, drives optimal performance and represents the evolution of PPO Network offerings.

FourStone Networks

Unlike the other offerings in the industry, FourStone uses a proprietary strategy to design its networks and optimize performance results. This strategy is used to identify specific opportunities to develop a network mosaic that produces leading savings and penetration results. This helps customers to achieve maximum results, as single-state networks often have varying results in different major metropolitan areas.

FourStone Networks is led by a team of industry experts with over 25 years of PPO experience. Our executives have held senior leadership positions with highly esteemed companies within the industry and have built Workers’ Compensation PPO products with unparalleled success. FourStone’s executive leadership team is comprised of innovative and highly regarded healthcare leaders with a proven track record of building PPO network products as well as Out of Network products that benefit all client types. Our collective experience, passion, intensity, commitment, and unique insight allow us to deliver our clients best in class outcomes and product performance specific to our client’s needs.

Key Benefits

Turn Key Access to FourStone’s Accelerant Lab PPO network

24/7 Lab Repricing System

Average Nationwide Lab Savings 11% below State Fee Schedule/UCR

Seamless Integration with Client Software

Dynamic Provider Recruitment for Network Inclusion